WINNER ANNOUNCED – CHILDREN COMPETITION First sentence to be spoken on Mars


CHILDREN COMPETITION  First sentence to be spoken on Mars

Winning submission

“Today, Mars. Tomorrow, the stars”

Guadalupe Maíz López, 7 years   SPAIN


(out of 64 entries)


Other selected entries:

“Today we’ve opened a new door, a new path on Mars, our future planet!”

Josué, 13 years   MEXICO

“This is the beginning of something new!”

Leo, 12 years   ESTONIA

“May my breath be the breath of many people to come”

Labib, 9 years   UNITED KINGDOM

This is the first day to discover the rest of the future and that the purpose is to find answers”

Abraham, 8 years   VENEZUELA

“Look, Neil! Another small step to make Mankind greater”  

Alvaro, 10 years   SPAIN

“That’s marstastical!”

Jon, 9 years   AUSTRIA